Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Bluff.

The town’s large park to the west is named The Bluff.  It is a wide open space with a walking path that diverges.  The path is conducive to contemplation.  There are spectacular, open views of the Sangre Range to the west.  The sky is big here.  It is the site of the observatory.

Well-placed benches invite quiet observation.  There are two picnic tables under pine trees for those who prefer company and food.

At the divergence I take the path to the north.  I overlook a shallow pond as the path slopes downward.  I arrive in a large open space of dirt and gravel, cross it  to the street and re-enter the park.  I turn to the south this time and pass the observatory and continue up the path to return to the street.

An artist wearing a large cowboy hat sits at a curve, looking west, painting a water color of the scene in front of her.

One could do worse than enjoy a walk at the Bluff.

This Week.

This week I enjoyed the sights of early autumn:  trees half-turned in color and aspens on the mountains sides which present bands of red-gold.

Two Snowbirds.

At the bank the woman in front of me asked the teller, “Honey, when are you due?” I don’t often hear personal questions in Colorado.  The teller said, “November 3.”  “Oh!” said the client.  “Have it November 1.  That’s my birthday!”  (Now the pregnancy is about her.). The teller did not respond.  “Anyway, honey, good luck.  Of course, I won’t be here, but good luck.  By November I’ll be where the weather will be better than it will be here, back in Texas.”  Yep, Texas.

At the grocery store the woman in front of me said to the clerk, “Isn’t that something!  The credit machine asked if the amount is okay.  It’s NOT okay.”  “Well, answered the clerk, smiling, ”this isn’t ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’”  “It certainly is not!  I’ve paid these too-high prices since spring, and I’m looking forward to going home now where there are better stocked groceries and better prices.”  She left in a huff.  I noticed her car as she drove away.  Texas license plates.  Makes sense.

This Week’s Note to Eva.  

Monday, September 30.  Hello, Eva.  Yesterday I was in Denver.  A friend and I enjoyed the last game of the Rockies’ season.  I remembered when I lived in Denver that I went there several times during the summer, relaxing with a lemonade and watching the Rockies get beat by whomever they were playing.  This time they won, though it took thirteen innings of play!  Sending love, your friend, Bill

Notes on Reading.  Fiction.  Tim O’Brien.  Going After Cacciato.  Delta, 1978.

I am re-reading works of fiction which I’ve enjoyed in the past.  I read this novel about the Viet Nam War decades ago, and I am equally impressed with it on re-reading.

The novel captures in vivid detail the atrocities of war, the beauty of the Viet Nam countryside, the feelings of stress and fears of soldiers and their efforts to keep sane in times of insanity.

O’Brien mixes fantasy and realism to move the plot and to give the effect of living in and trying to survive in a nightmare.  He involves readers in the action and gives a vivid, sometime visceral perception of the war.

Thank you for reading.  I welcome comments, here, or in an email to me.


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4 Responses to Wednesday, October 2, 2019

  1. Richard says:

    I enjoyed the walk. The snowbirds were .. ah … interesting.

  2. chathamman says:

    As someone who deals with the public regularly and enjoys Bill’s sense of humor, I got a huge chuckle out of the two snowbirds. “Makes sense” indeed!

  3. Margaret McNeely says:

    I imagine you would have hated the longest July on record in NC. I heard somewhere it was July 72, 2019! The heat wave ended yesterday. Miss you, though!


    Hi Bill.I have not had a computer for weeks for this & that reason.  It was annoying & still is.  I’ve talked about the sledge hammer before.  I can send emails from my phone, but it’s way too labor intensive, so I’ve waited until I can actually type with a real keyboard!  It feels heavenly.  And all this time I’ve wanted to tell you that–regardin your comments about how very long sales receipts  can measure–I think I can top the longest one you mentioned.  It was two FEET!!!  Lord have mercy–what a waste & SO ridiculous!That’s all for now.Later, Dude.BC

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