Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Random Thoughts From My Journal.

It is well worth the time to clear space and arrange things after a work session.  Arranging things to file or use provides clarity and purpose.

On Thanksgiving night a deer ran into my car and damaged the front.  For months I harbored animosity toward deer.  The feeling gradually waned away.  On a walk in April I encountered a lone deer and felt no negativity.  On the same walk I met a group of five deer.  I felt peace toward them.  It was a sort of forgiveness.

The proprietor of a local restaurant is justly proud of his meatloaf.  I ordered a serving and asked for catsup.  “You puttin’ catsup on my meatloaf?” he asked.

The Flower Moon rose, shining bright in a murky black sky.  It chilled me.

A  lone deer lies in a grove of still-bare aspens, gazing to the north.

”Who wouldn’t want to imagine that life might have a shape, a formula?  That the years didn’t just pass through you.” —Emma Cline, “Son of Friedman,” fiction, The New Yorker, July 1, 2019.

Wisdom from Friends.

I said, “I did the best I could but it wasn’t enough.”     A friend said, “Why wasn’t it?”

I said, “I know I have to, but I don’t want to wait.”  A friend said, “You have to do your homework first.”

I said, “I will not enjoy my time there more than I’ve enjoyed here.”  A friend said, “You don’t know that.”

Puns from a Cross-Word Puzzle.

Clue:  a small goodbye?                                                        Answer:   MICROWAVE

Clue: a socially correct goose in Boston?                          Answer:  PROPAGANDA

Clue: a crazy cause?                                                               Answer:  LOCOMOTIVE

Clue:  a city elf?                                                                       Answer:  METRONOME

—Carol R. Blumenstein,  Puzzle 180.  The New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzle Omnibus, Volume 2.  Will Shortz, editor.  St. Martin’s Griffin, 2003.

This Week’s Note to Eva.

Dear Eva, Change is in the air.  Days are cooler; nights have more chill.  There are mor clouds and breezes during the day.  Darkness comes earlier.  It’s time.  Fall arrives next week!   Love from your friend, Bill

The Adams Loop Walk.

It is a fall-feeling morning, about 10:20.  There are many clouds and a cool breeze from the mountains.  It’s close to being light jacket weather.

The sun is often covered by moving clouds, and the sky is light blue to bright blue, depending on the configuration of the clouds.  As I admire the mountains to the west, I think that it will not be long before I see them streaked with the gold of aspen leaves changing.

I park at the bank and walk to the northeast, toward the highway which enters the town from the north.  I walk parallel to the great open space park at the edge of town, where the observatory is located.  There is a young man playing frisbee with a dog.

There is a steady incline to the top of a ridge, where I turn to the east.  The elevation gives me a good perspective on the town, as I look down on Main Street and the sides of the bowling alley and grocery store.

I’m walking on a new residential street, and not long after I turn I hear hammering and electric saws.  Two houses are under construction, and it is good to smell the new lumber in the almost-fall air.

I cut across the parking lot of a church in order to reach the highway.  I pause at a steep drop down a field.  If I go there, I will have to across a waterway or gulch and have to climb up the other side.  I decide to take the highway, though I enter on a curse and there is little shoulder.

Before I reach town, I encounter three vehicles.  One is a UPS truck, and the driver and I exchange waves.  The others are a pickup truck and a large truck with long trailer, both carrying hay.  It’s good to see hay trucks and transports.  The winter and spring were wet, and ranchers are happy that there is hay to harvest.  Last summer there was little.

I pass the Sharing Center, where I volunteer at the food bank.  I pass the town’s Visitor Center, which is closed.  I continue walking, cross Main Street, pass a house with my favorite planter, a wheelbarrow planted with marigolds.  I turn and pass a motel, the train depot and engine house, now museums, and arrive back at the bank.

Between 25 and 30 minutes, this walk.  I feel invigorated.

Thank you for reading.  I welcome comments, either posted here or in an email to me.  Enjoy the beginning of fall on the 23rd!

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2 Responses to Wednesday, September 18, 2019

  1. Richard says:

    Enjoyed the walk. Walking is good. There is no way I would get those cross word clues. I had to read them twice just to figure them out. But they are clever.

  2. chathamman says:

    I enjoyed “your” walk. I felt like it was “my” walk. Nice and relaxing.

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