Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Too early!

Mid-winter is February 2, two weeks away.  Temperatures have been above normal, early spring-like since January 11.  On January 22 in the north part of town I noticed, on a walk, that forsythia is in bloom.

Another Way To Look at Things, in Times of Summer Thunderstorms.

Psalm 135:7.  God summons clouds from the ends of the earth, / makes lightning produce the rain, / sends forth the wind from heaven’s treasuries.  (New American Bible, 2010). Viewed from this perspective, Nature exemplifies purpose, wonder, and blessings.


That’s the sound when the young chimneysweep opened the damper in the fireplace.  It was the Tuesday after the week of snow and cold, the time a fireplace with burning wood would have been welcomed.  The stacked wood was ready to burn, but I did not have the damper to the chimney opened.  I had tried.  There were two positions, I thought.  My looking up the chimney with a mirror showed a closed vent in both positions.

When the chimneysweep arrived, I asked if there were more than two positions.  He thought not.  But he pulled hard, very hard, and BALOOMALOOM!  He showed me it was open.  “You have to pull really hard,” he said.  I closed the damper and opened it.  I did so two more times before the teacher left.  Now, for an open fire, if it becomes cold again this winter.


I noticed bright, clear, deep yellow as the physician was examining the inside of my eyes.  “Nice yellow!” I said.  At night, my eyes still dilated, I drove to meet friends to go to dinner.  Street lights, stop lights, and headlights on cars and trucks sent rays of light from their centers as I drove with sunglasses.  It’s grand to see the world in alternate ways.

Notes on Reading.  Fiction.  Catherine Ryan Hyde, Take Me With You.  Lake Union, 2014.

The world of this novel by the award-winning and best-selling author is simplistic and warm.  Virtuous and self-sacrificing deeds are rewarded manifold.  Conflicts are settled deftly with verbal communication.  The workings of Alcoholics Anonymous are presented at the organization’s optimal operation and success.  Events and characters’ actions and motivations are explained.  There is only one female character, and she is in a minor role.  The speech of a middle-aged mechanic, a middle-aged science teacher, and an emotionally precocious twelve-year-old boy are practically indistinguishable.  The story ends happily ever after.  I did not like the book.



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2 Responses to Wednesday, January 25, 2017

  1. Dave A says:

    Thunderstorms. As I will be noting in next Tuesday’s blog, NOAA’s recently launched weather satellite will become fully operational in November 2017 and will offer much higher resolution and swifter recycling of the images for better pinpoint severe weather forecasts. You’ll know you might die before that terrible storm hits town. How reassuring!

  2. I recommend a fire in the fireplace, the smell itself is a joy, and the warmth, not bad either… 🙂

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