Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Things I Learned, Remembered, or Realized in September:

A smear is not a crack.

Scabs are not stitches.

Three lobsters eaten in France were not.

Codgers should be careful not to give angst to others.

Codgers should be careful not to give angst to themselves.

Pork products from Rocky Mount are just as good as those from Nahunta.

Neurosurgery is neurology.

A lunch can be cancelled because of rain.
Kitsch and a Response.

On a woman shirt:  BORN SOUTHERN.  Raised on Sweet Tea, Jesus, and Football.

An Interpretation:  BORN SOUTERN.  Raised on bad food, fundamental Christianity, and gratuitous violence.

Notes on Reading.  Nonfiction.  Mark Doty, Dog Years.  HarperCollins, 2007.

This thoughtful memoir is an exploration of the positive effects of animals on our lives.  

In telling of the years spent with two dogs, Doty also gives us insights in to the limitation of language, eye-witness accounts and reflections on 9/11, the work of veterinarians, the importance of names, contemplations of mortality, and descriptions of the harrowing effects of depression.  There are incomparable descriptions of Cape Cod, New York City, and the Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende during the Celebration of the Three Kings.  

Doty is an excellent poet, and I enjoyed reading incidents that reflect his sonnet “Golden Retrievals” and the great poem of hope, “Long Point Light.”

Doty quotes Emily Dickinson in several places to good, appropriate effect, and contemporary poet Mary Oliver has a cameo appearance.  
Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the change of seasons!


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  1. mcrawfordnc says:

    Pain au chocolat once given cannot be reclaimed.

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