Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Veteran.    I opened and held the door for a rail-thin, stooped African-American man wearing a cap identifying him as a World War II veteran.  He walked slowly and carefully with a cane.  I greeted him and asked where he served.  He said he got training in South Carolina and Virginia and then the army sent him to Scotland, then to England, then to France and Germany, where he drove a supply truck on the fronts.  He won two medals for his service.  As he spoke, I noticed a spirit of pride and modesty in his light blue eyes.  Someone should meet him, talk with him, and write his story.

Prayer.   “Prayer involves preoccupation or a committed tic.  Praying only when you need to doesn’t feel as effectual.”  

If we have a prayer life, how does it manifest in our lives?  Do we pray only when we have a petition?  Do we develop a disciplined prayer routine into our lives, daily, or on need, or on Sunday at worship services?

I have friends who pray the Rosary each day at 3:00pm.  Other friends have a daily thirty-minute time for transcendental meditation each afternoon.  Still another begins her day with coffee, scripture reading, and prayer.  Many early Celtic Christians, I learned, prayed constantly, mindfully aware of the Divine in each aspect of their lives.

Is prayer important?  My professor in a course in the philosophy of religion defined prayer as an “attitude of the spirit.”  That attitude may enrich our lives.

Decades ago I learned that a ten-minute meditation is restorative.  It is good to spend time with the Eternal.

Some have a place–a section of a yard, or a spot in a park, or a room, or a part of a room, or a church or chapel, to go for a retreat for meditation and prayer.

Sausage.  The pork butcher at a local food market suggested that I try a sausage with Texas Pete when I asked for a hot sausage.  I bought a quarter-pound link and cut off a third of that to cook with breakfast.  It was vile in both taste and texture.  That’s all right.  I know where to get good hot sausage.  Nahunta, I’m coming!

Thanks for reading.  October comes this weekend!


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Retired high school English and French teacher.
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2 Responses to Wednesday, September 28, 2016

  1. Jane says:

    Whaaaaaa? Rocky Mount for the best sausage, Captain! I enjoyed your post.

  2. MargaretMcNeely says:

    Maybe the Fulbright brothers will have some hot sausage made before I see you in October!!

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