Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Seven things I learned from crossword puzzles this week: 

“Elia” was “Charles Lamb’s pen name.” (Puzzle 81 by Edgar Fontaine)

“Snog” is “Kiss, to Brits.” (Puzzle 81 by Edgar Fontaine)

“Demolition Derby” is a “Smash-hit entertainment.” (Puzzle 80 by Mike Doran)

“Rota” is the “Series of golf courses that host the British Open.”  (Puzzle 80 by Mike Doran)

“Double Dutch” is a “Jump-rope style.” (Puzzle 80 by Mike Doran)

An “S-shaped molding” is an “ogee.” (Puzzle 81 by Edgar Fontaine)

“Italian birthplace of Paganini” is “Genoa.”  (Puzzle 79 by Elizabeth C. Gorski)

(Crossword source: The New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzles Omnibus, Volume 10. edited by Will Shortz (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2014.)

Full Moon Celebration of September: The Harvest Moon

A friend and I sat on his back screened porch and saw the moon rise through a brake of sycamore trees.  I telephoned friends in Georgia, who with me, sang “Shine on, Shine on, Harvest Moon / Up in the sky. / I ain’t had no lovin’ since January, February, June, or July. /  Snow time ain’t no time to sit outdoors and spoon / So shine on, shine on, Harvest Moon/  For me and my gal.”

Leia, the dog, was almost frantic with barking at the other side of the house.  “Blame it on the moon,” I told my friend.

Several days after the witness and celebration, I enjoyed watching, “Moonstruck,” that excellent comedy from 1987, superb script, casting, acting, presentation of setting, and featuring another songs of the full moon, “That’s Amore!”

At La Farm.  La Farm is a French bakery, where I enjoyed a pain au chocolat, a freshly baked and buttery croissant, and a large cup of cafe au lait.  France, here!

A Southern expression heard this week: “Now there ain’t a bit of reason for you to have to . . . ”

Fall begins tomorrow.  Mellow fall: slowly darkening days, coloring and falling of leaves, cooler temperatures, fun celebrations, reunions, first frost.

Thanks for reading.



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5 Responses to Wednesday, September 21, 2016

  1. Irma Furbeck Boltman says:

    Thought of you as we drove back to Denver from The Fort in Morrison with that glorious moon to guide us!

  2. Dave A says:

    I, too, have watched and enjoyed “Moonstruck” — several times in fact. As to be expected here at Denver’s altitude, the moon was exceptionally bright. Year ago an ex-USAF colleague lived for a short while across the street from Denver’s well-known Fairmount Cemetery, where many of Denver and Colorado luminaries are interred. He joked that it was a quiet setting — except during the full-moon nights!

  3. For sure the Harvest Moon causes both dogs and people to sing and bark 🙂

  4. mcrawfordnc says:

    Dear sir – I’ve been told Leia barks at the sun, darkness, wind, no wind, young, old and at red cars all. The moon may not have a monopoly on such behavior.

  5. Sally MacDonald says:

    Love seeing that your life is easy and you are enjoying all that our God has to offer. We are happy and busy and looking forward to a beautiful fall. In NY it is splendid in the fall. Color is just starting to show and we are pulling out sweaters for the early am. The full Harvest moon was glorious . God keep you dear friend

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