Wednesday, September 14, 2016

There is a small park by the river.  It allows access to the river by a long boat ramp and steps parallel to the ramp.  There is a NO SWIMMING sign.  Two bearded men standing outside their truck at the head of the parking lot have unloaded inner tubes and stand and talk.

I walk down the steps to the river and wonder if tubing would be good there.  There are many shallow and rocky areas as well as deep channels and pools.  I walk back up the steps and along the shore, the path mostly wooded.  I notice areas for picnics, with grills for cooking and picnic tables.  There is an area for volleyball, and an area for horseshoes.  There are two swings on one frame.  I enter a short packed earth trail for a walk by the river and pass under the highway bridge.  There is a small wooded spot that would be good for reading, writing, and meditation, except for the noise of the traffic nearby and overhead.

A beautiful, dark-haired woman dressed in a sleeveless summer dress, sits at a picnic table with her daughter, who wears shorts and a summer shirt.  Both wear flip-flops for shoes.  The mother patiently explains and marks on a page in the daughter’s notebook, homeschooling I would guess.  The sun, dappling through the shade of trees above where they sit, makes a perfect picture for the cover of a home school journal.

“Are you a political man?” the heavyset overweight middle-aged man sitting in the chair at his desk at a hardware store asked, as I was leaving.

“Except for being proud to vote, I’m not much interested in politics,” I said.

“I asked,” he said, “because you are nice dressed–nice shirt, dress pants, polished shoes.  You look good.  Yesterday a man dressed like you came in, the governor of North Carolina.”

I started to say, “You mean One-Term Pat?”  But I did not want to risk offense to someone who had complimented me.  Instead I said, “Congratulations.”

“Yes, sir, he’s the most important person ever come in here.  Said he had just eat lunch at a place in town and needed TUMS.  I sold him some TUMS.”

The place was a convenience store attached to a hardware store with gas pumps outside, about five miles from the town he mentioned.  It was a dirty, poorly lighted store.  It was a hot day, so I bought a bottle of water as well as gasoline and used the filthy restroom there.

I did not ask the man where the governor had eaten.  I wasn’t planning to have lunch in the town anyway.

Enjoy the full moon Friday night.  The full moon of September is the Harvest Moon.  Shine on, Harvest Moon.



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Retired high school English and French teacher.
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2 Responses to Wednesday, September 14, 2016

  1. God knows the politicians need TUMS!

  2. mcrawfordnc says:

    I imagine the lawyer crowd, antacid and the bathroom signage manufacturers are the the only groups that have profited from our state’s legal and PR nightmare. At least this gas station can now tell customers that a world renowned English teacher visited, instead of a soon to be unemployed governor!

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