Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June.  Now I anticipate four hot, humid months.  I plan to celebrate many of the pleasures of the season: t-shirts and shorts, long early morning and late afternoon walks, baseball, watermelon, sipping cold water, cook-outs, heavy and dark green leaves, fresh vegetables.

Samsung has classical style.  My new washer and dryer, when their work is done, chime a melody by Schubert!

A Fun Flashback.  Decades ago, when I was a child, I found it fun to put on sunglasses to see the world change color.  I felt the same feeling several days ago, when I put on sunglasses before a long drive.  Here’s to world, color-changing fun!

Notes on Reading.  Drama.  William Inge, Come Back, Little Sheba. (1950)

Doc: Honey, don’t ever leave me.  Please don’t ever leave me. .  . . I don’t know what I said to you or what I did, I can’t remember hardly anything.  But please forgive me. . . please. . . And I’ll try to make everything up.

Lola: Why, of course, I’ll never leave you.  You’re all I’ve got.  You’re all I ever had.

The sentiments of this dialogue are true.  And tragic.  Doc,sober for almost a year, during a relapse, speaks malicious, hurtful things to his wife, Lola.  Through the tirade, we learn his resentment and revulsion of her.  Lola, perhaps bi-polar, lives romance vicariously through the dating and engagement of their young boarder, Marie.  Lola  longs for her dog Sheba, who brought joy to her life and who disappeared one day.

We witness a part of the lives of two people in despair, and the result is a powerful theater experience.

When I saw a production of Inge’s Picnic several years ago in Denver, I saw how Inge presented people who lived on the edge of despair. Come Back, Little Sheba, produced three years before Picnic, presents characters living in desperation and not likely to be well.



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  1. Hi Bill, I enjoyed reading that Samsung has put Shubert in your appliances, my washer and dryer only make a pinging noise when they finish – clearly less sophisticated… 🙂

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