Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ice Storm!  Sleet and freezing rain pelted the house all during the night.  I awoke to find ice covering roofs, porches, steps, yards, trees, streets, vehicles.  Sanders, my young red maple tree, was bent double.  At 7 am, the power failed.  All day I heard the hollow cracking of trees breaking.  Freezing rain and sleet continued through the morning on Friday.  Friday afternoon, I took a break from reading to gather matches, candles, and a flashlight for night.  I was cold.  I put on extra clothes.  I was still cold.

The neighborhood was beautiful in the night, everything covered in ice with no street lights, no neighbors’ spot lights, pole lights, porch lights.

A cousin who lives two hours east called to ask if I were all right.  She offered a warm room if I needed it.

I dressed warmly for bed and added extra cover.  I slept warm and well, but when I awoke about 6:00 on Saturday, I felt as if I had a fever, and my legs and back ached.  I saw that the temperature was 42 degrees inside, and I knew that I should not be camping out in cold and damp air.

There was no room at inns.  By early afternoon I found an affordable and comfortable room three towns east, about 25 miles away.

There was no power at home Saturday or Sunday during the day.  I went to church.  There was no power there, but we celebrated Mass.  Power was restored in my neighborhood about 8:00 Sunday night.

I lamented for trees.  I lost none, but my neighbors lost many.  Most people spoke negatively of the trees for what they did to power lines.

Monday morning I found that I had lost all of my refrigerated and frozen food.  I purged the refrigerator and made a new shopping list.

Now (Tuesday afternoon) I have the windows and doors to my house open, and the temperature is in the mid-seventies.  March is the month of surprises.

At Restaurants.  I wearied of eating out, but I had interesting episodes with people:

(1) One waitress, during the thirty-minute breakfast referred to be as “Buddy,” “Sweetie,” and “Dear.”  Her name was Raeleen.

(2) At one breakfast, I received along with bacon, eggs, and toast, a large bowl of grits that seemed to be grits soup, the grits floating in a nasty broth of melted butter and grease.  “Honey, that’s the way we make them here,” said the waitress, who was glad to take them back for an order of hash browns.

(3) At a favorite restaurant in Chapel Hill, I was waiting in line to pay.  There was a line of  people waiting to be seated in the same area.  A woman my age walked up toward the cash register from another area and asked if I were in line to pay.  When I told her I was, she said, “Thank you.  The lines are confusing.  I’m glad I wasn’t rude and went ahead of you.”  I told her that if she had gone ahead, I would have thought nothing of it, that if waiting for one person were all the inconvenience I would have that day, I lived a charmed life.  “Ah, you have adapted well to adult life,” she said.  “You could be upset about something like that.”  I told her that becoming upset would not be worth it.  After I paid, I turned to wish her a good day.  She gave me a Star Trek salute and said, “May the Force be with you.”  Chapel Hill, yes.

No Blog Posting Next Week!  I will not post a blog entry for March 19.  I’m declaring a holiday.  I will post again on Wednesday, March 26.  By then will be St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring,  and the night of the full moon (the Worm Moon), and Arbor Day.  I hope you will celebrate each.

Thank you for reading.  I hope your weeks will be good.


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