Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Howling.  Yes, a friend and I howled at the Full Moon a week ago.  We enjoyed martinis at the local martini bar and a vegetarian pizza at a local pizza place and found a lot that was deserted, and not too light-polluted.  The moon, obscured by clouds, nevertheless showed bright light, and we took turns.  “Yours was better,” he said.  “No comparisons,” I said.  “Just Ho-ow-ow-ow-l-l-l.”  We did.  And laughed.  And again.  As we walked back through town to his car, it began snowing.  Good, good.

A Hard Week.  After the howling, my slight congestion and cough developed into a major problem.  I had fever over the weekend and had to cancel going to a friend’s 90th birthday party.  I slept and rested until Sunday noon.  I was feeling much better, and a reiki and biofeedback session helped the healing. By yesterday, I felt mostly well.   The week, and the week before, was spent mostly correcting galley proofs for my novel.  I sent the last four corrections to the publisher yesterday afternoon, and when I approve them, you’ll hear me singing, “Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition!” (The book will then go to press and production.)   For the last decade that I taught senior English, I sometimes used that phrase to affirm answers.  I got strange stares, and if students asked, I told about the song.  Yes!  I’ll be singing that song soon.

Weather on Tuesday, January 21.  It was an interesting and wonderful day.  I noticed that the sunrise was marked by bright orange-red color, and I remembered “Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.”  The day started bright, sunny, mild (in the mid-40’s), and clear.  By noon, grey clouds had moved in from the south, and in an hour the entire sky changed to gray.  Temperature dropped dramatically and it became windy.  By 5:30 wet snow began to fall.  During the night the temperatures dropped into the teens, and icy conditions were forecast for the next day.  is a web site that exemplifies the best use of technology.  News about a patient can be shared through journal entries from loved ones, and one can leave a response of concern or support.  Several months ago, a friend in Fort Collins, CO, had a serious and unexpected episode with his heart, and his wife posted straight-forward reports about his hospitalization, recovery, and rehabilitation.  Now I’m using the site to learn about the husband of a friend and former student.  He is dying of a cancerous tumor in the brain.  My friend posts reports in the form of letters to him.  They are movingly stated, poignant expressions of deep love and strong religious faith.  I asked her last week if I could quote parts of one of them, but since then she has continued to write so eloquently that I don’t know which entry to quote.  I trust that other friends and I can persuade her eventually to publish the entries into a book which will serve as inspiration to others.  I don’t know better contemporary examples of the meanings of love and the beauty of belief.

Thank you for reading.  I hope your week will be good.


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One Response to Wednesday, January 22, 2014

  1. Sandra S says:

    Hi Bill. I’m catching up on email since we were in Kauai for almost two weeks avoiding cold and snow! Home now, it has been snowing all day.
    I enjoyed this blog, all of it. Of course, I’m partial to howling and healing in all ways. I’m thrilled to hear the status of your book…a long time coming. And I felt your compassion for the dying of your friend’s husband. All worthy topics to give us pause, my friend.

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