Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trees.  Maple trees and dogwood trees lead in color.  Large maples mass colors in sections: yellow, red, green.  Sanders, the red maple in the yard, has leaves painted red in places.  Song, the gingko tree in the yard, is coloring from the edge of the leaf inward.  Days remained mostly somber for another week.  I used heat in the house for the first time.

Spiritual Life, Religion, a Ring, and Rites.  Since the first of August has been a time marked by much spiritual reflection.

It took several weeks to read Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Mid-September I was baptized at the local Methodist Church.  I reflected that had I been baptized at the usual time in the Methodist tradition, I would not have been baptized by an African-American minister assisted by a woman minister.  Methodist friends and friends from the Catholic Church were there at my baptism.

At the Catholic Church, I had sessions with the leader of the adult catechism.  I discussed afterlife, eschatology, suffering, and reconciliation with a catechist.  I read a book on Mass.  I discussed Mass with a sponsor.  I joined the choir.

At the Rite of Reconciliation, I sat in a small room face-to-face with a Franciscan priest wearing the traditional Franciscan habit.  We talked about times in my life where I have fallen short of what is right in relationships with myself, others, and God.  He was a careful listener, empathetic, supportive.  He sometimes made comments and challenges.  I was assured of God’s forgiveness and love.  The penance assigned was appropriate, useful, healing.  It was my first experience of the Rite of Reconciliation.  I cannot conceive it being done better.  At the end of the rite, I put on a ring I bought to seal intentions of a continued spiritual life in a new dispensation.

At the Rite of Confirmation, I received more blessings and renewed commitments publically.  I understood the blessing of anointment with oil.  The oil used was of a beautiful fragrance which lasted all day.

The First Eucharist was a powerful experience emotionally and spiritually, one I had anticipated for twenty years or more.  Protestant and Catholic friends were there with me, and we celebrated at brunch afterwards.

It has been a good week.

Thank you for reading.  I hope your week will be good.


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Retired high school English and French teacher.
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3 Responses to Wednesday, October 23, 2013

  1. Paul says:

    Glory to God! Thanks for sharing, Bill!

  2. jerry says:

    wish you joy and peace. will write you later
    judy and jerry

  3. Margaret says:

    Wow. Very intense. I am behind on your blogs.

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